INSTA/M Hiss History

Insta history 1989 - 2005
Written by Ilkka Mäntyvaara



The purpose of INSTA/M Hiss committee is to support and strengthen the cooperation between the five Nordic National Standards Bodies (NSBs) regarding both technical and policy issues.

The work in INSTA contains following issues.

1. Drafting and maintaining INSTA lift standards to:

  • share and harmonize good practises among member countries;
  • improve safety of the installed lifts;
  • collect, share and analyse accident data among Nordic countries. This accident data can be used in development of standards and guidances.
There is also a web-tool, based on standard INSTA 500-1, available for reporting accidents and near accidents.

2. Other issues:
  • Follow-up of CEN/ISO work;
  • Follow-up of Notified Body for Lifts;
  • Follow-up of EU Commission Lift working Group;
  • Follow-up of ADCO for Lifts (Administrative co-operation between the member states);
  • Sharing and developing knowledge within the lift business area;
  • Networking between Nordic inspection, standardization and lift experts;
  • Networking between Nordic national authorities and market surveillance authorities.


INSTA 500-1:2013 Accident recording system for lifts, lifting platforms, escalators and moving walks
INSTA 500-2:2017 Periodic safety inspection on lifts, stair lifts, lifting platforms, escalators and moving walks
INSTA 730:2017 Steel wire ropes for lifts. Code of practice for discard

Publications can be acquire from Member countries national standardization bodies:

Work program

prINSTA 500-3 Safe working on lifts
prINSTA 500-4 Lift modernization


For further information about the ongoing work, published standards or other issues, please address your national standardisation body or INSTA/M Hiss secretariat.

Currently INSTA/M Hiss secretariat is held by SFS (METSTA). Secretary is Jukka-Pekka Rapinoja (

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